On the oceanfront at Tjeldbergodden in western Norway, we will build and operate one of the country’s largest on-land salmon farms. Our aim is to create and operate the world’s most reliable land-based facility, producing more than 180 million salmon meals every year.

Production at Salfjord I – Tjeldbergodden


million meals a year

36 500

tonnes HOG Salmon

Strategically located

Tjeldbergodden is optimally placed for fresh sea water supply as well as for logistics on land and at sea. This location is also a well-known Norwegian hub for innovation and business development and offers various circular upstream and downstream business opportunities.

Proven and reliable technology

Our oceanfront location allows us to derive fresh and clean seawater continuously from the Atlantic Ocean. A proven hybrid flow-through water system from Artec Aqua and isolated production zones reduce biological and operational risks and optimise water quality to improve fish welfare.

Innovative risk management

In close collaboration with technology leaders, we will be the first salmon farming facility utilising digital twin technology. This digital model is designed to reflect our facility and, with accurate data input from the real world, will help ensure close control and optimisation of production parameters such as maintenance, energy efficiency and fish welfare.


With reliable technology and sustainable production lifting fish welfare to new levels, we see it as our duty to make sure our solution and products are available in communities and markets worldwide.

This is reflected in our scaling ambitions, and we are in the process of investigating additional locations for sustainable production of high-quality salmon.

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