With strong regional ties, multidisciplinary knowledge, and solid experience our management and owners seek to develop and scale a company that will generate sustainable values for generations.


Photo Hans Ramsvik, CEO

Hans Ramsvik

Hans Ramsvik, CEO. MSc in marine technology and more than 20 years of technical and management experience from the aquaculture, maritime, and oil and gas industries in Norway, Singapore, China and the UK.

Board of directors

Finn Backer, Chair. Photo

Finn Backer

More than 25 years of international management experience in high-tech industries and aquaculture.

Photo Kirsti Hjelde, Veterinarian/researcher

Kirsti Hjelde

More than 20 years of experience from research, responsibility for fish health in industry, and clinical veterinary work.

Photo Svein Grude, Group controller, Lyse

Svein Grude
Group controller, Lyse

Experience from various industries in financial reporting & analysis, information management, mergers and acquisitions, valuation and corporate finance.

Photo Hanne Wigum, Manager renewable technology, Equinor

Hanne Wigum
Manager renewable technology, Equinor

More than 20 years of experience from research and technology management in the oil and gas sector as well as renewable energy.

Photo Olav Håkon Ulfsnes, Agriculturalist/entrepreneur

Olav Håkon Ulfsnes

More than 25 years of experience from farm development and food production. Former director of Nortura. 

Birgit Hjelen

More than 30 years of financial experience from aquaculture, smolt production, salmon farming, feed production and food production.

Photo Roger Osen, General manager, Nekton AS

Roger Osen
General manager, Nekton AS

More than 25 years of engineering and management experience from power utilities, oil and gas, and aquaculture. Mayor of Smøla for eight years.

Photo Kåre Kårtvedt, General manager, Areal & Plan

Kåre Kårtvedt
General manager, Areal & Plan

More than 30 years of experience in area planning and development from the perspective of both regulator and developer.


As the realisation of our oceanfront salmon-farming facility approaches, we will be building a dedicated and knowledgeable team of co-workers to help us fulfil our ambitions.

We find diversity to be a key factor in success. We are therefore looking to attract talented people with a variety of expertise, experience and backgrounds to join us on this exciting journey.

Our organisation model is built on competence analysis and we seek to enhance our team in the following categories: fish biologists, project management, technical management, cybernetics and robotics engineers, process engineering, process and control room operators, project planning, production planning, fish farm operators, operations technicians, automation engineers, technicians, finance management, maintenance management, and commercial business development.

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