Our aim is to provide healthy and responsibly raised seafood from the Atlantic Oceanfront worldwide. Hence, we are taking necessary measures to put nature, fish, and people first.

Responsibly farmed salmon

We are proud of our origin and will do what it takes to make sure future generations have the same opportunities and natural resources as those entrusted to us.

We will work purposefully to become a certified producer of sustainable seafood. Our production facilities will be designed with the aim of fulfilling the Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification criteria for aquaculture. This internationally recognised standard ensures food safety, minimal environmental impact, compliance with good animal welfare, and the health and safety of workers.

Creating value for local communities

Land-based salmon farming opens an ocean of opportunities for building a circular economy and utilising our Norwegian natural advantages in a sustainable way. We will ensure that these opportunities can contribute to increase the value creation in the regional industry clusters and share the benefits with the local communities in which they were created.

Our aim is therefore to cooperate with local and regional players to create new business models for various output flows, working towards circular value chains and production methods which will generate sustainable value for the region over generations.

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