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Salfjord AS will build one of the largest  salmon farm in Europe. The first  Oceanfront salmon farming concept will be located at Tjeldbergodden in the heart of salmon farming cradle. Fully developed, the farm will produce 36,500 tons (HOG) of salmonids per year.


Oceanfront Farming by Salfjord means that we are utilising the advantage we have by access to unlimited amounts of clean sea water from the Atlantic Oceans.

Our Salmon will enjoy a healthy living environment free of sea lice and protected from diseases. The wild salmon will never meet a Salfjord Salmon in the sea as there is double barriers against escape.

The location is optimal logistically, and makes for very good access for live fish carriers, harvesting vessels and feed carriers.

An aerial video of the area can be viewed here.

The land plot is under development, and large volumes of rock will be excavated before construction starts.

Land plot August 2020

Development will include quay facilities for receiving and shipping.

Regulation plan

Fully developed, with 5 modules for grow out and 2 modules for smolt production, the farm will be about 115 000 square meters.

Salfjord design basis is optimised for a production of large salmon with an average weight of 5.8 kg HOG and production profiles are adjustable as market develops.

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Top picture: Ole Musken & Sjømatrådet