Board of directors

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Finn Backer

Chairman of the Board

Finn has more than 25 years of international management experience in high tech industries and aquaculture.
Executive MBA in Ocean Industries at BI, Nanyang Technology University and Berkeley.

Kirsti Hjelde

Veterinarian/ researcher

Kirsti is veterinarian with more than 20 years experience from research, fish health responsible within industry and clinical veterinary work.

Presently in research institute Nofima, working as researcher with image diagnostics of deformities and nephrocalcinosis as main subjects.

Svein Grude

Group Controller, Lyse

Svein has experience as Group Reporting & Information Manager in Saferoad Group, Business Controller in AKVA group and consultant in Capgemini. Master in Technology in Industrial Economics, UiS and Certified European Financial Analyst, NHH.

Hanne Wigum

Manager Renewable Technology, Equinor

Hanne has more than 20 years of experience from research and technology management from oil & gas as well as renewable energy.
PhD in Chemical Engineering, NTNU.

Olav Håkon Ulfsnes

Agriculturalist/ entreprenur

Olav has 25 years' experience from farm development, food production and former board member in Nortura. 

Birgit Hjelen

Financial accountant, Ø

Birgit has 30 years of financial experience from aquaculture. She has knowledge from smolt production, salmon farming, feed business and food production.
Registered accountant.

Roger Osen

General Manager, Nekton Havbruk

Roger has 25 years' engineering and management experience from power utility, oil & gas and aquaculture. Mayor of Smøla for 8 years.
B.Sc. Automation, electro and business economist, NTNU

Kåre Kårtvedt

General manager, Areal & Plan

Kåre has 30 years of experience in area planning and development from both regulators and developers perspective.
B.Sc. Forest management, GIS and zoning.


General Manager, Salfjord

Hans Ramsvik

Hans has 20 years' technical and management experience from aquaculture, maritime, oil & gas industries in Norway, Singapore, China and Scotland.

- M.Sc. Marine technology, NTNU
- Innovation, business strategy and technical program, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

- Water treatment in RAS, NTNU

- Martime law, UiO

- Captain nautical, USN

- Aquaculture and fishery high school, Aukra and Averøy